Enormous Inflatable Trump Chicken to Lead March

Houston – As part of a nationwide event, and accompanied by an enormous, inflatable Donald Trump chicken, Houstonians will take to the streets of downtown on April 15th to demand the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The march is planned to start at City Hall, stopping outside Senator Cruz’s office, continuing around the block, and ending back at City Hall, with time for closing speeches and a call to action—mailing our local elected officials postcards demanding greater governmental transparency and the release of our president’s tax returns, reminding them that they work for us. The march will be led by a giant, inflatable Trump chicken, which is currently being crowdfunded by attendees and organizers. Organizers are inviting speakers from both sides of the aisle. Attendance is free and attendees are encouraged to bring family members of all ages, as this will be a family friendly event.

Rachel Maddow’s less than impressive news has only increased Tax March Houston’s resolve to demand the president’s full tax returns. As the first president in forty years refusing to make his tax returns public, Trump has left America in the dark regarding his personal financial connections and how they have affected or will affect the country he governs. Kellyanne Conway said the public doesn’t care about his taxes; that’s patently untrue. A January ABC/Washington Post poll shows 74% of people want to see his taxes. Further events since then have led to increased desire among the populous, from the average citizen to the highest levels of government, to see the president’s returns. “Until we know the extent of his holdings and financial obligations, the American people are unable to determine the motivations behind his actions,” said Kris Black, volunteer web developer for the march. Elle Church, co-director of Tax March Houston went on to say, “For the sake of America’s future and security, Tax March Houston requires greater presidential and governmental transparency. It is absolutely critical that our president meet these demands.”

About Tax March Houston

We are ordinary Americans, community organizers, advocates, and people from all walks of life and all backgrounds joining together to raise our voices and send a bold message to this administration: We care, and we will hold President Trump, his administration, and Congress accountable. That means demanding transparency and that our president pays his fair share, just like the rest of us. To learn more, visit, or call us at (720) 924-6636.

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