Tax March Houston Route map

March Route

Tax March Houston Route map reroute

UPDATE: Due to construction, march route has been changed.

Starts and Ends at Houston City Hall

Route subject to change per HPD request.

Route length approximately 7/10’s of a mile.

  • Smith St.  Start
  • McKinney St.
  • Travis St.
  • Capitol St.
  • Smith St.  Finish

We encourage you to arrive no later than 10:30AM, so you may secure parking, get to the rally point, and get your photos & videos with Chicken Don. Additionally, we will have some brief, pre-march speakers while waiting for attendees to join at the rally point. The march steps off at 11AM, with or without you, and we plan for Chicken Don to be up and going by 10, so please feel free to arrive earlier rather than later!