Cleveland, Texas – Chicken Don attends Reagan Dinner

Chicken Don attends Reagan Dinner

Cleveland, Texas - Chicken Don attends Reagan Dinner

CLEVELAND, Texas – Saturday, April 8th Chicken Don and dozens of protesters greeted Senator Ted Cruz, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and chairman of Ways and Means, Representative Kevin Brady at the Reagan Dinner, a GOP fundraiser in Liberty County benefiting the San Jacinto County Republican Party, where GOP leaders discussed their priorities for this legislative session during the event.

The GOP leaders snuck inside to avoid the towering Chicken Don and crowd of protesters outside, who were calling out to them demanding they stop being chickens about not attending constituent paid for town halls, and actually affording every constituent the same level of service no matter their donor level.

“We are here to show that we want them to show up for a town hall. They have been ignoring their constituents,” said Trish Robinson, a protester from Dayton.

“The bathroom bill is silly. It’s a waste of money. They’re making an issue out of something that isn’t an issue,” said Laura Bowman. “They waste time and money on the bathroom bill when they should be improving our education.”

One young Boyscout was even overheard saying, ‘If Ted Cruz was man enough to run for president, he should be man enough to come out here and face the protesters!’

An event featuring Chicken Don as its mascot is planned for Saturday, April 15th, 2017, 10:30AM, at Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby Street. Tax March Houston is an event that seeks bipartisan support and demands the release of Donald Trump’s complete tax returns, along with greater transparency, and accountability in elected officials. Chicken Don will lead the march portion of Tax March Houston, and he will appear before and after the march for plenty of photos with his many admirers. The organizers of Tax March Houston are working in conjunction with the organizers of the #TedCruzIsMissing Town Hall, an all constituent crowdfunded town hall event happening at 4:30PM, at TSU’s Sawyer Auditorium. Ted Cruz was invited to both events but has declined to speak at Tax March Houston. Chicken Don will be awaiting his arrival at his constituent arranged and funded town hall, but Chicken Don sincerely hopes to not be avoided this time, as he was in Cleveland, Texas.