Tax March Houston’s Call to Action

As Tax March Houston's Call to Action, we encourage our attendees to mail one our All Seeing Eye Magnifying Glass postcards (chosen by our marchers via poll!) to their elected officials. We will have a small amount available at our event, but we encourage those who are able to print them out at home here.

We must remind our elected officials not only that they owe us accountability and transparency, but that our president owes us that same accountability, and transparency, and they can help us achieve that by compelling Donald Trump to release his taxes. We must also encourage our elected officials to begin drafting legislative bills that ensure no person running for high office may do so without complete financial transparency and accountability, including but not limited to the release of their complete tax returns. 

To find the address (and phone number!) to your elected official, use Tax March NYC's CluckYourRep web app. Simply input your address, and all your officials' info is in the palm of your hand, making postcard addressing and phone calls a breeze!